A Global Re-Brand of a Billion-Dollar Company

At Equinix, the publicly traded data center services company, a 10-year-anniversary was coming up. The once-plucky startup had grown up. Having survived the dot-com bust, the company had become a billion-dollar company. But its brand identity hadn’t changed.

Equinix’s logo (circa 2000)

What We Did

Like every good rebrand, we started with brand research. Customer satisfaction surveys. Employee satisfaction surveys. Focus groups. And we did it globally–in Asia, in Europe, where we had just completed a major acquisition, and in North America. We used our initial findings to inform the creative process.

We build the new brand visual identity system from the ground up as well as new mission and vision statements, messaging, and positioning. This multi-million-dollar global initiative took over a year and launched on the company’s 10-year anniversary.

Equinix New Brand Reveal Video

Launching a new brand is always only the beginning. The implementation is often as fraught with challenges as the creative process. We developed new marketing assets and sales enablement tools, while devising a plan to implement environmentals in over 60 data center and office locations in 10 countries. Sundry agency resources went into this process and we managed them to ensure high-quality execution.

The new brand was incorporated into our digital marketing operations (display, SEO/SEM, email, analytics), website development, and an industry event calendar with over 80 corporate and industry events worldwide.


Equinix Brand Site Overview Video

During my tenure, the company doubled in revenue and Equinix has shown no signs of slowing down. As one of the century’s best performing stocks on the NASDAQ, Equinix’s brand thrives to this day. To take a closer look at how the brand has evolved since its launch, visit brand.equinix.com.

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