Lead Global Marketing Team As Company Doubled Revenue in Two Years

Modernizing the Marketing

At Megaport, a publicly traded cloud networking startup, content was an Achilles heel. New content was released sporadically and often lacked the technical authority required to compel our target personas of network engineers, cloud ops, DevOps, and SecOps professionals. The company’s growth marketing effort relied heavily on promotional emails and offers rather than fresh, authoritative, and useful content to drive inbound demand.

What We’ve Done

With a content-first, data-driven marketing strategy, we produced fresh, highly editorial thought leadership content ranging from blog posts to eBooks and saw immediate results, increasing organic site traffic by 50% and blog traffic by 100%.

We also drastically revamped our creative team and upleveled our look and feel.




During my tenure, the company doubled revenue while achieving EBITDA profitability for the first time. Megaport continues to be a leader and a pioneer in the cloud networking industry.