Consumer Brand Launches First B2B Product in Years

At American Express, one of the world’s most trusted and recognized consumer brands, fewer people are aware that Amex has long provided corporate payments products to large and mid-sized enterprises as well. With Corporate Purchasing Card for A/P and Procurement professionals, vPayment for one-time vendor purchases, and Buyer-Initiated Payments for electronic push payments, Amex sought a unifying brand for its corporate payment product suite.

What We Did

We worked cross-functionally with the company’s global brand team to develop a name for the new product. Amex had recently undergone the process to launch Serve, its PayPal-equivalent consumer payments app. One of the finalists for that service was PAYVE.

Once the naming was determined, we developed the product’s messaging and positioning strategies. We originated integrated marketing campaigns that included marcom, thought leadership and product collateral for sales enablement, robust analyst relations, and event calendar. We worked with Amex’s PR teams and creative agencies to ensure compelling execution and a successful product launch.

Trade media coverage for PAYVE


Amex’s Buyer-Initiated Payments Product for B2B Payments Merchants

The company launched its first B2B product in years to strong trade media and analyst coverage. And while the company decided to roll-up the PAYVE name back into its Buyer-Initiated Payments product, the video above contains many of the elements of the original PAYVE launch video. While best known for being a consumer brand, Amex’s B2B payment products are core to the business to this day.

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