Award-winning Content in National Outlets [9 Work Samples]

After surviving a rare blood cancer and a life-saving bone marrow transplant in 2014, I achieved a lifelong dream of becoming an author, authoring three books of fiction and publishing work in NPR, The Washington Post, the San Francisco Chronicle, Salon, and elsewhere. If you want to read more about my journey, I wrote about it in Salon, an essay that went viral a few years ago.

An Award-winning Novelist and National Book Critic

I’ve become an award-winning novelist, authored three books of fiction that have received coverage in Buzzfeed, San Francisco Chronicle, The Paris Review, VICE, and elsewhere. As a spinoff of the viral Salon essay, I founded 7.13 Books (July 13th being the day my transplant engrafted successfully), an independent literary press that publishes first books of fiction. Each year, for a few lucky and accomplished writers , I make their dreams of publishing a book come true.

As a member of the National Book Critics Circle, my book reviews have been published or are forthcoming in national outlets such as NPR, The Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle and elsewhere.

Writing Samples


The Washington Post, “Haruki Murakami’s ‘First Person Singular’ will satisfy fans with its uncanny scenarios,” April 12, 2021

NPR, “‘Nights When Nothing Happened’ Is Quietly Lovely — Maybe A Little Too Quiet,” November 22, 2020

San Francisco Chronicle, “Review: ‘Son of Good Fortune’ finds comedy in Filipino Americans’ life on the margins,” July 8, 2020.

San Francisco Chronicle, “Review: Meng Jin’s ‘Little Gods’ a smart look at Chinese immigrant experience,” January 9, 2020

Literary Hub, “When Novelists Become Method Actors,” July 31, 2019


Catapult, “Let Me Pass Away,” September 29, 2017

Salon, “I wanted to publish before I died,” February 16, 2016

Tech Writing

American Express website, “Buyer Initiated Payments,” “vPayment,” “Corporate Purchasing Card,” 2011

American Express brochure, “Helping Suppliers Get Started with BIP,” 2011

Equinix Press Release: “Dow Jones Algorithmic and Electronic Trading Customers Can Gain Access to the Lowest-Latency, Highest Quality Information at Equinix Chicago Data Center,” November 11, 2008

Equinix Press Release: “Equinix Launches New Corporate Brand as It Marks the Company’s 10th Anniversary and Its Growing Global Reach,” October 27, 2008

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